Become a Python Developer: Wrestle and Defeat It


Become a Python Developer will help you build a concrete Python foundation so that you can start writing code for money. In this concise A-Z course you’ll discover how to masterfully tackle problems, strategies for crafting clean code, and how to do cool things with the powerful Python programming language.

In the first two chapters you’ll come up to speed with the basics of Python. You’ll learn how to install it, data types, data structures, strings, classes, packages… the whole enchilada. As you read through Become a Python Developer your knowledge in Python will deepen and your confidence will grow.

You’ll gain employable skills that can be used to build practical real world projects for fun or money.

A quick overview of Become a Python Developer…

  • How to easily setup Python on your machine Control flow and iteration Lists, tuples, and dictionaries
  • String processing in Python Functions and functional programming
  • Mastering OOP principles How to read and write CSV and JSON files
  • Error handling in Python GUI programming with Tkinter
  • How to use regular expressions in Python
  • Fun programming with math and stats
  • How to write unit tests in Python Popular Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib
  • How to parse XML/HTML with Beautiful Soup
  • How to send an email in Python using urllib

The programs in this book are built using Python 3. At the end of each chapter are programming exercises to elevate your Python skills to new heights.
Wrestle Python to the ground. Pin it. Defeat It! Grab your copy of Become a Python Developer now and start your journey to becoming a rockstar Python developer.

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