Dream Interpretation Toolkit: Practical Tools to Interpret Your Dreams Tomorrow


Constantly people ask, “What do my dreams mean?” God is increasingly speaking through dreams, yet many of us are confused, frustrated, even disappointed trying to grasp them. Understanding your dreams’ messages will unlock a powerful dimension of your relationship with God and can release healing for you. With nearly 20 years of Scriptural study and experience interpreting dreams for others, Sylvia has seen many people healed, delivered, and given direction through their dreams. In this practical, how-to guide you will learn: • Step by step, how to interpret your dreams tomorrow • How to remove the confusion and frustration with dream interpretation • How to interpret your prophetic / foretelling dreams • Why you have nightmares or disturbing and emotionally upsetting dreams • Why you continue to have reoccurring dreams • How your dreams connect with physical, emotional, or relational sickness • Scriptural foundations for dream interpretation

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