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Have you ever wanted to learn how to manipulate large amounts of data on Excel but have been intimidated by how technical it all seems?

Have you always thought that you are not getting the most out Excel at work, in business or in your personal use?

If yes then just keep reading………

Excel is essentially one of the most powerful software tools for collecting and analysing data when used to its full potential. But all too often this may is not the case. It is estimated that on average people only use 20% of functions available on excel. Also that people are either unaware or intimidated by the other functions available on excel.

Whether you want to enhance your productivity at work, in business or use it as a tool to help you organise your personal finances Expert @ Excel: VBA Programming is for you.

Topics Covered In This Book Include:

  • What you can use Visual Basic Application for and how VBA can help automate documents such as word processing.
  • How to navigate your way around an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and what each window represents.
  • Clear steps on how to write a program and the 5 important questions you must think about before you start to write.
  • The syntax and the structure you must follow when writing code in VBA.
  • How to use the macro recorder and its importance when performing tasks.
  • The four decision-making and Loop statements that VBA programming uses
  • What arrays are and how could we use this in VBA programming
  • What the user interface is and how to design a form. This shows clear illustrations on how to create this.
  • Include End of Chapter Exercises That Will Test Your Newly Acquired knowledge, including answers.

And much more!

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