How I Became an I.T. Pro: Without Setting a Single Foot Inside a Classroom


To put it in average Joe’s language, an IT professional or IT person is a person who performs computer repair and/or network repair and installations. They assist other IT people with their duties. To put it in professional terms, it is a person who works with computers and other technologies such as telephones and fax machines. Most companies in existence today have someone on staff that helps with the maintenance of computers and computer networks within the organization.

Although some IT professionals can handle any issues and problems relating to technology, it is most common for them to work within the field of computers. Because computers have become so pervasive, almost every workplace, school, public institution and private home has one. As such, there are a great number of potential problems that can arise for novice computer users, from how to set up a network to how to troubleshoot software that is not working properly. As such, IT professionals are much in demand within the computer industry. A few years ago that made me ask around about how I could enter the lucrative IT field. And my local community college was quick to answer my questions. If there was one thing they didn’t mind it was bringing on more students to pay them more massive amounts of cold hard cash to learn a new skill. Turns out I could get in one of their programs for an entry-level IT position and be field ready in about a year for around $6000!

No wonder I’d heard the IT field paid so good, it took your first born and your first year’s salary to get into the field!
But not being one who gave up easy I determined there had to be a better way. And after much research and late night searching I found that I was right! I could (and actually did) become a highly paid IT professional without a single day of class with a cost of nearly nothing! That is what this book is all about. In the next few chapters I’m going to answer the questions you might have about how I did it, what it will require from you, and why you never have to step a single foot inside anyone’s classroom!

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