Kubernetes Handbook: Non-Programmer’s Guide to Deploy Applications with Kubernetes


What “Kubernetes” does and how?

After working in the technology and consulting ecosystem for the last 10 years, I am a huge supporter of simplification. While I understood the whole concept of Containerization and automating the deployment, I wanted to explain the bunch of newly recruited Technology Consultants in our team that how actually it’s used and deployed.

So, the logical topics to be explained with examples were:

  • The Background of it? Why we needed this system in first place?
  • How Kubernetes Operates? The Nuts and Bolts of the system.
  • How it is deployed?
  • Best Practices

If these things are clear with examples then we can operate with confidence and manage the project well.

So, here it is. All our discussions are formulated in a book to help you people to take your respective agenda ahead in your current role with conviction. The book has been written in a simple, easy to comprehend language and can be used by Non-Programmers, Project Managers, Business Consultants or any other persons with an interest in Kubernetes.

So, move ahead with your Continuous Development journey with this new book and as I mentioned earlier: let’s simplify the discussions around!

Download Links

Server 1  | Server 2 (Size 2.3 MB)

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