Machine Learning by Herbert Jones


Machine Learning: An Essential Guide to Machine Learning for Beginners Who Want to Understand Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data and MoreNeural Networks: An Essential Beginners Guide to Artificial Neural Networks and their Role in Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceDeep Learning: An Essential Guide to Deep Learning for Beginners Who Want to Understand How Deep Neural Networks Work and Relate to Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceEvery day, someone is putting down a book on machine learning and giving up on learning about this revolutionary topic.
How many of them miss out on furthering their career, and perhaps even the progress of our species…without even realizing?

You see, most beginners make the same mistake when first delving into the topic of machine learning.

They start off with a resource containing too many unrelatable facts, math, and programming lingo that will put them to sleep rather than ignite their passion.

But that is about to change…

This new book on machine learning will explain the concepts, methods and history behind machine learning, including how our computers became vastly more powerful but infinitely stupider than ever before and why every tech company and their grandmother want to keep track of us 24/7, siphoning data points from our electronic devices to be crunched by their programs that then become virtual crystal balls, predicting our thoughts before we even have them.

Most of the book reads like science fiction because in a sense it is, far beyond what an average person would be willing to believe is happening.

What is machine learning?What’s the point of machine learning?History of machine learningNeural networksMatching the human brainArtificial IntelligenceAI in literatureTalking, walking robotsSelf-driving carsPersonal voice-activated assistantsData miningSocial networksBig DataShadow profilesBiometricsSelf-replicating machinesAnd much, much more!Here are some of the topics that are discussed in part 2 of this book:Programming a smart(er) computerCompositionGiving neural networks legs to stand onThe magnificent wetwarePersonal assistantsTracking users in the real worldSelf-driving neural networksTaking everyone’s jobQuantum leap in computingAttacks on neural networksNeural network warGhost in the machineNo backlashAnd Much, Much MoreHere are some of the topics that are discussed in part 3 of this book:
Improving the Scientific MethodHow It All StartedAppeasing the Rebellious SpiritsQuantum Approach To ScienceThe Replication CrisisEvolving the Machine BrainThe Future of Deep LearningMedicine with the Help of a Digital GenieAnd Much, Much More

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