Need-to-Know Technologies for a Successful Future


Need-to-know Technologies for a Successful Future provides the necessary knowledge you must have to succeed in your career involving technology. It caters to two audiences: those who need to know the basics of technology and business to get a high paying job and those who need to know about technology to do their job more effectively, especially as managers. It is the perfect book for someone planning to become a programmer or IT specialist who does not yet have the proper background. For managers, it discusses relevant questions such as: What can you automate? What kind of analytics make sense? What are the most important tech support issues? What are the best tools for running and analyzing your business, supply chain, accounting, etc.? What do you need to know as a manager about programming? Jim Keogh, an assistant professor at New York University and a faculty member at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey, as well as a former faculty member and chair of the e-commerce track of study at Columbia University, delves into the technological knowledge you must have to get a job or advance in your career including understanding computer technology, artificial intelligence, the Cloud, and new horizons in integrated computer technology.

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